Canterbury Stampede Club 8 Stud, Herren Rugbyschuhe, Schwarz (989), 42 EU

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Typ Rugbyschuh
Marke Canterbury


Meeting the demands of powerful forward play, Canterbury's Stampede Club 8 Stud SG Rugby Boots can even be converted to 9 studs.Designed with a durable and textured synthetic upper, the traditional central lacing system and fitted tongue further improve the overall fit to leave your feet feeling snug and well supported. Inside the boot and cushioned padding around the heel and ankle provides welcome protection and also enhances the overall comfort.With the majority of rugby matches and training taking place in demanding conditions, you need a boot which you can rely on to deliver the best performance. With the Stampede Club, a configuration of eight screw in studs means extra power, grip and stability across natural soft surfaces all year round. There is even space to add an extra stud in the centre of the forefoot should you feel the need for even more power and drive in your game.For players who are serious about their game, the Stampede Club comfortably delivers performance in a pair of affordable rugby boots.This rugby boot weighs 351g (UK size 7).Make sure you kit yourself out with a spare set of rugby studs.

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