Asics Lethal Tackle, Herren Rugbyschuhe, Blau (electric Blue/white/flash Yell 3901), 46 EU

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Typ Rugbyschuh
Marke Asics


Take to the field in a pair of rugby boots built for hard tackles, tough matches and neversaydie players.   PRODUCT TECHNOLOGIES Solyte® Midsole Material A lighter weight midsole compound than ASICS' standard EVA and SpEVA®. Also fetures enhanced cushioning and durability.   HG10mm This 10 mm difference in height between heel and forefoot offers the best biomechanical position. This protects and enhances forward motion, and reduces load on the achilles tendons, calf muscles, ham string and back.   Board Lasting For stability and durability. Upper is glued to a thin fiber board, then cemented to the midsole.   Removable Studs Allows the athlete to customize spike configuration and replace worn elements.